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NYT Crossword is super popular but can be pretty tough. I’m all about solving these puzzles and I love to share the answers here to help you out. And if you’re short on time, NYT’s got this mini crossword too, which is pretty cool.

Jumping right in, if you’re here for today’s NYT crossword answers, you’re exactly where you need to be. Stuck on a clue or just double checking your answers? I’ve got what you need. And don’t stress, we make sure to update this page daily. So Bookmark and enjoy!

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NYT Crossword Answers Today

Constructed by: Garrett Chalfin & Andrew Kingsley
Edited by: William


NYT Crossword Across

Clues Answers
1 Napoleon had a large one EGO
4 Cut close SHEAR
9 Moved, in a way AWED
13 Where you’ll find women out to drink? LESBIAN BAR
16 First city to reach a population of one million people, in the second century B.C. ROME
17 Platonic outing FRIEND DATE
18 Lament MOAN
19 Get set HARDEN
20 Course addendum SIDE
22 Baby squirrel KIT
23 “___ volat propriis” (Oregon’s motto) ALIS
24 Square root of sesenta y cuatro OCHO
26 Disturbs ROILS
28 Jerry Rice’s 208, for short TDS
29 Littlest complaint, in an idiom BOO
30 Free NO-FEE
31 “Someone better call the fire department, because you just got burned!” BOOM! ROASTED!
34 Sentimental feelings WARM FUZZIES
35 Component of a Cobb salad CRISPY BACON
36 Toby ___, “Twelfth Night” character who says “Thou’rt a scholar; let us therefore eat and drink” BELCH
37 Washed-out WAN
38 ___ Santos, fictional setting of Grand Theft Auto V LOS
41 Loud BRASH
42 Fire ZEAL
44 The stuff of legends LORE
45 “Mighty” thing OAK
46 Hound, or part of a hound TAIL
48 Popular video editing software IMOVIE
50 Mythical figure who sacrificed an eye in order to drink from the well of knowledge ODIN
52 Chew the doors, e.g. SPOONERISM
54 Pantry array TINS
55 Green-tinted cocktails APPLETINIS
56 It might put you in an awkward position YOGA
57 “That is … not good” YEESH
58 Old competitor of the Plymouth Barracuda GTO


NYT Crossword Down

Clues Answers
1 Topper for a holiday party ELF HAT
2 ’70s Ford GERALD
3 Whom King Tut’s mummy was made to resemble OSIRIS
4 1, for 90° SINE
5 Lacked pop HAD NO OOMPH
6 Wind up END
7 “And sore must be the storm / That could ___ the little Bird / That kept so many warm”: Dickinson ABASH
8 4-Down, e.g. RATIO
9 Something to wrestle with ARM
10 Creatures inspired by George Lucas’s dog WOOKIEES
11 Like many gift cards, nowadays EMAILED
12 Crash sights DENTS
14 Crash sites? BEDS
15 It appears on 78% of all national flags RED
21 Bank worry EROSION
25 Like well-worn shoes COMFY
27 End of an overplayed pickup line … OFTEN
29 National dish of Ukraine BORSCHT
30 Mysterious ancient geoglyphs in the Peruvian desert NAZCA LINES
31 Dips, so to speak BAILS
32 Catch RUB
33 Conductor Seiji OZAWA
34 Bringing about WREAKING
35 Box in a cab CB RADIO
38 Very into LOVING
39 Second-guesser’s question OR IS IT?
40 Appear as such SEEM SO
41 Behind BOOTY
42 Full of life ZIPPY
43 Get a running mate? ELOPE
44 Pulitzer-winning playwright Suzan-___ Parks LORI
47 ___ courtesy AS A
49 Drug prescribed under the brand name Desoxyn, familiarly METH
51 Operator of the Utah Data Center, for short NSA
53 Big whoop? OLE!

Why Obsess Over This Puzzle, Though?

Ever wonder why we get so hooked on the NYT crossword? It’s not just any puzzle. It’s like the king of crosswords. Here’s the deal:

  • Brain Workout: It’s the ultimate noggin’ jog. Keeps your brain sharp and your vocab on point.
  • Cool Trivia: History, pop culture, science—you name it. It’s like a mini-dive into everything interesting.
  • The People: There’s a whole bunch of us out there. Sharing a laugh over a tough clue or celebrating when we finally get it—it’s what makes this so fun.

Becoming a Crossword Champ

  1. Take It Easy: New around here? Start with the Monday puzzles. They’re the friendliest.
  2. Daily Dose: The more you play, the better you get. It’s like leveling up in a game.
  3. It’s Cool to Peek: Stuck? A quick look-up isn’t cheating; it’s learning. We’re all doing it.

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