LA Times CROSSWORD Answers Today [04/20/2024]

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Constructed by: Rich Feely


LA Times UP

Clues Answers
1 Turn two fives into a ten? ADD
4 Key letter PHI
7 Language spoken in the Gaeltacht IRISH
12 Outstanding job LOOSE END
15 Copycat’s cry ME TOO!
16 Best Original Song Oscar nominee with the lyric “Anywhere else, I’d be a ten” I’M JUST KEN
18 Commandment word SHALT
19 Broadcast GO ON THE AIR
21 “Welp,” quaintly ALAS
22 Act DEED
23 Kir liqueur CASSIS
25 __ good: amazing SCARY
27 “Stop the negativity” DON’T HATE
29 Polar formations FLOES
30 Shakes up JOLTS
31 Chloé Zhao’s alma mater: Abbr. NYU
32 Frames RIMS
33 Hermosillo houses CASAS
34 Level TIER
35 Urgent call, briefly APB
36 Flowing locks MANES
37 Chocolate source CACAO
38 Sealed UNOPENED
40 Spud TATER
41 Seemed friendly SMILED
42 Many a rescue dog MUTT
43 Designer Cassini OLEG
44 Photovoltaic devices SOLAR CELLS
49 Deli roll BIALY
51 Dawn of the moon exploration program? EARTHRISE
52 Didn’t work IDLED
54 Dips a toe in TESTS
55 Mint NEW
56 Southern capital: Abbr. ATL


LA Times Down

Clues Answers
1 Former HBO persona ALI G
2 “__ arigato” DOMO
3 “Cobra Kai” setting DOJO
5 Pronoun choice HE/THEY
6 Tattoo culture magazine INKED
7 Online convos IMS
8 Discuss ad nauseam REHASH
9 Treat in a little white cup ITALIAN ICE
10 Way passe SO LAST YEAR
11 Red __ HOTS
13 Treats in tall tulip glasses SUNDAES
14 “Snowfall” org. DEA
17 Patron saint of children NICOLAS
20 Bloviates RANTS
24 NY and LA STS
25 Toy for bodysurfing on land SLIP ‘N SLIDE
26 Drive-through options COMBO MEALS
27 Shot in the arm, say DOSED
28 Capital of 20 countries EURO
29 German woman FRAU
30 Alias in court JANE DOE
33 Carolina team, informally CANES
34 Ribbons TATTERS
36 Allen known as the “Voice of the Yankees” MEL
37 Purina brand CAT CHOW
39 Milne character in a green striped romper PIGLET
40 Reptile on a green container of car wax TURTLE
42 Podcaster/comedian Marc MARON
43 “In memoriam” piece OBIT
45 Supérieur, par exemple LAC
46 Vanderpump of “Vanderpump Rules” LISA
47 Trial for an aspiring atty.? LSAT
48 Persuade SELL
50 Passing stat YDS

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