LA Times CROSSWORD Answers Today [06/15/2024]

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Constructed by: Rich Feely


LA Times UP

Clues Answers
11 Back in the day ONCE
15 Be fashionable, in a way ARRIVE LATE
16 Rock, paper, or scissors NOUN
17 Planter’s purchase SEED PACKET
18 Defense mechanism FORT
19 Web ending -CAM
20 Online service since April 1, 2004 GMAIL
21 Asleep, say IDLE
22 Woodstock performer between Melanie and Joan ARLO
24 Chemistry suffix -ENE
25 Earn PULL IN
27 No longer usable RUINED
29 Event for day traders? SWAP MEET
31 __ Dei AGNUS
32 Even slightly AT ALL
33 Beats Electronics co-founder DRE
34 Classic CIA-vs.-KGB spoof S*P*Y*S
36 Some 1990s GM subcompacts GEOS
38 Continent with aardvarks: Abbr. AFR
41 Stand rituals OATHS
43 Gulf of Guinea capital ACCRA
47 Words of gratitude BLESS YOU
49 Really relished ADORED
50 Barrel racing events RODEOS
51 “Crocodile Rock” label MCA
53 __ of Maine TOM’S
54 Bit IOTA
55 “WarGames” org. NORAD
57 Santa __ winds ANA
58 Word with lots and straws DRAW …
59 Fallible one MERE MORTAL
61 Inverse of nano- GIGA-
62 Convenience one can bank on, familiarly ATM MACHINE
63 Website for artisans ETSY
64 Spots that rarely offer good views CHEAP SEATS


LA Times Down

Clues Answers
1 L’Oreal product MASCARA
2 Provider of partial coverage? AREA RUG
3 Russian government metonym KREMLIN
4 Fast break for millions EID
5 Letters to alert moms and dads TV-PG
6 Bawled (out) REAMED
7 Highway through Whitehorse ALCAN
8 Most thick, as cosmetics CAKIEST
9 “Power Hits” series record co. K-TEL
10 Three of a kind, say SET
11 Like most older movies ON FILM
12 Improvised NOODLED
13 Even less straight CURLIER
14 Informal alliance ENTENTE
23 “Drinks are __” ON US
25 Faint PALE
26 Data transfer UPLOAD
28 Married hombre ESPOSO
30 Source of tail winds? WAGS
32 Regarding AS TO
35 Celebratory chorus YAYS
37 Macbeth, for one SCOT
38 Shorten ABRIDGE
39 Gas use exhortation? FLOOR IT!
40 Discount showers RED TAGS
42 Request to a skeptic HUMOR ME
44 Dalmatian’s home CROATIA
45 Leftover REMNANT
46 Product promotion vehicle AD SALES
48 Inland passage SEAWAY
49 Traveler’s aid AAA MAP
52 Rajas topping CREMA
55 First country to legalize same-sex marriage: Abbr. NETH
56 Medics DOCS
59 Jake and Amy’s baby, on “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” MAC
60 MLB scoreboard heading RHE

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